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Going Home, 1/1, [G] Sam, Dean

Title: Going home
Author: Mel aka mad_about_dan
Word count: 1462
Rating: G
Timeline: Post Free to be you and me
Summary: Sam realizes that he was wrong when he thought that being normal would made him happy, now all he wants is to go back to where he belongs.

Going Home

Sam folded the last of his plaid shirts and placed it inside his bag, along with the rest of his stuff right before zipping the bag closed and hanging it on his shoulder. He quickly walked towards the door but stopped out of the sudden, with a deep sigh he took one last look at one of the endless rooms he had forced himself to call home for the past weeks, without thinking twice he shut the door and walked outside. Sam quickly covered his eyes with his hand, as the light from the small light pole outside the motel seemed to burn his already sore eyes. ‘Just keep walking’ he repeated to himself as he crossed the parking lot and walked towards a discolored yellow cab.

Sam threw his bag on the back seat and jumped in afterwards.

“Where to, boy?” A chubby old man with a silver beard moaned from the front seat.
“Franklin, Indiana” Sam was surprised by how rough and low his voice sounded. He still couldn’t believe Bobby hadn’t noticed the grief in his voice when Sam called him, barely hours ago to ask for the address, or maybe he did noticed but didn’t dare to ask. All Sam could hope for was to make it on time.

“boy… boy!”

Sam looked up again, as if just waking up from his own thoughts, just to find the old man staring at him, his eyebrow cocked and a dubious expression on his face.

“Are you sure you can afford it? I mean Franklin is not close from here” he threw a quick glance at the cheap motel Sam had just walked out of and then back at him “It won’t be cheap, son”

Sam searched the inside pockets of his jacket as he felt the man’s eyes glued to him, but he couldn’t blame him, he hadn’t looked at himself in the mirror for the past week but he was sure he wasn’t looking his best these days. He hadn’t slept in a week and couldn’t remember the last time he had eaten so he probably looked miserable. Finally, he pulled out a big roll or bills out of his pocket, it was his pay for all of the hours he had spent working at bars and cheap restaurants, but the truth was he couldn’t care less about the money or about being ‘normal’ anymore, there was only one thing he wanted… one thing he needed in that instant, and nothing would stop him now. Sam placed the roll on the old man’s hand.

“I think this covers it up… must be around five hundred” Sam said, once again it was the voice of a stranger instead of his “you can keep the change”

The driver just stared at the roll, probably trying to estimate how much money was now on his hands. Quickly he started the engine and took off.

Sam took a deep breath as he rested his leaned his head back slightly, outside the window the dawn was breaking, tainting the skies in shreds o blue and gold. Anyone would have smiled with such a stunning view, even he would if he just remembered how.

Hours went by, accompanied with occasional trivial comments from the driver about the weather or political issues, to which Sam tried to answer the best way he could, that was until the old man finally noticed his companion was more of a listener than a talker himself and quit trying to make up a conversation. Sam closed his eyes and he could once against feel the sour taste of liquor burn his tongue, he simply laid there trying to avoid the driver scrutinizing eye and the anguish it produced him to look at the towns and mountains he could already see disappear. It was as if the Apocalypse was inside his mind already, he could hear people scream, he could feel their tears forming in his eyes and their fear growing inside his chest as if it was his own, and then, just when he thought the suffering would be over he didn’t perish, there was just silence and cold around him, as if every trace of joy or life had been erased and he was the one standing, the one responsible. Sam could feel his whole body shake uncontrollably as he felt lost forever.

“Are you ok, son?” he heard a low call “hey! Are you ok?”

Sam opened his eyes and took a deep breath, and once again cursed himself under his breath for falling sleep again, this was just the reason why he had done everything he could to avoid falling sleep for the past weeks. He could no longer rest; he just witnessed and suffered in silence.

“I’m gonna buy something to eat, do you want anything?”

Sam looked to his side. The driver was outside the car, leaning against the open front window and staring right at him.

“Where are we?” Sam said as he quickly looked through the window.
“I needed to fill the tank, well both tanks” he said as he rubbed his belly “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back“

Sam just rubbed his eyes as he tried to clear his sight to read a big green sign right in front of the gas station. ‘Welcome to Franklin, Indiana, the city of Franklin’ He sighed and took a quick look around the place, it was probably around three or four in the afternoon, there was still time.

Barely seconds later the driver came in, he had a can of coke on his right hand and a chocolate bar on the other. Quickly he ate what was left of the chocolate and took off.

“So, what brings you to Franklin, son? Business?” The man said, throwing quick glances at Sam through the review mirror.
“No” Sam mumbled, as he looked at the houses and old buildings at their sides “I’m looking for my home”

The driver looked a bit confused by the answer but Sam couldn’t be more sure about what he wanted. It wasn’t until that moment that he realized he was actually there, so close and yet so far. He could feel his heart skip beats out of the sudden, as mixture of horror and excitement made his insides burn impatient.

“Do you want me to leave you in some specific place or-”
“Lake Motel” Sam cut him off immediately.
“Oh, that’s a good place” the man mumbled as he kept driving “my cousin once came here and he said they had the best room service he’s ever…”

The man kept talking but Sam wasn’t even trying to pretend he paid the slightest attention to what he was saying. The minutes seemed like hours and they drove down the streets and lanes of the town.

“So, here it is” The old man said as he pulled off right in front of the small red and blue billboard that read ‘Lake Motel’.

Immediately Sam jumped out of the cab and waved slightly at the driver before walking into the lobby. He didn’t look at the antique decorations of the room or at the other guests walking from one place to the other, instead he walked towards the front desk.

“I’m sorry, do you know what room Mr. Robert Plant is in? I’m afraid he asked me to meet him here but he never told me what room he was staying in”
“Of course, mister, just give me a second to check” a brunette said from the other side of the counter as she searched the computer right next to her “Let me see, Mr. Plant is staying on room 102, which is the second door down the left corridor” she smiled at him.
“Thanks” Sam whispered right before turning around.
“Do you want me to call him and let him know you are here?”
“No, thanks” by the time he said this Sam was almost jugging down the corridor.

Finally, he stopped as he got to room 102. He had waited for this moment for weeks, and now that he was so close he just didn’t know what to say.

“I don’t want any room service, thank you!” Dean’s voice came loud as a thunder from inside the room “Yeah, I know you are out there”

Sam felt as if a nudge had just formed on his throat, making it harder for him to breathe. He raised his hand and knocked the door twice. The door swung open immediately.

“I said I-” Dean stopped mid sentence, shock filled him up to the point he dropped the bottle of beer he had been holding on his hand and simply looked at Sam with his eyes wide open.
“Hi, Dean”
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