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Silent Tears, 1/1, [PG-13], Dean, Sam, John

Title: Silent Tears
Author: Mel aka mad_about_dan
Word count: 583
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Timeline: Wee!Chesters, 1993
Summary: Sam never wanted to hunt, but Dean was always there to protect him.

May 20th, 1993

The lights of the small room were off. Sam’s shoulders shook as he rocked himself back and forth. He was lying on the grayish carpet of his room, hidden behind the closed door. That was of course if this could be called 'his’ room. Dad had told him this was going to be temporary but this was already the third week they’d spent there, and John was getting any closer to solving the case.

He looked up at the picture of his family on the nightstand with tears on his eyes. Sam had failed to convince Dean to stop trying to make this shack more comfortable, to stop unpacking and referring to this forgotten and depressing place as home. Just then he felt empty, lost, overwhelmed by the fact that the only way he’d see his loved ones happy was in a family portrait.

He just closed his eyes as the screams filled the air once again.

“Stop making excuses for him, Dean!” John’s voice came through the door “You know this damn thing, I can’t hunt it… not by myself”

“Yes, you can! And you know you can drag me along with you too if that’s what you want, but Sam… he’s just a boy”

“He’s old enough to-”

“He’s just ten years old”

“You could already ensemble a gun and hunt at that age”

“And why would you want Sam to be like me?...” Dean’s voice shook “I’ll do it for both of us, you don’t have to do this to him!”

“Dean!” John’s voice was loud as a thunder and Sam could clearly hear his punch hitting the table of the living room “I’m your father! In case you forgot that”

“And Sam is your son! And he’s terrified. Just cause you threw me into this whirlwind of nightmares and fear and you think I’m ok doesn’t mean you must throw Sam, too. He may still have a life… mom wouldn’t want this for neither of us, she would be heartbroken- ” Dean stopped abruptly.

Immediately a loud sound was produced and Sam stood up as he felt as if his heart had just skipped a beat. That sound was a hit… and this one was definitely not against the table. He felt a cold sensation growing inside his chest and giving him goose bumps, he felt fear.

“Go…” John’s voice sounded husky and bitter “We’ll continue the search first thing in the morning and tell your brother to get ready, we’ll drop him off at Jim’s”

Despite the fact that he would no longer have to hunt he didn’t feel relieved. Not yet.

Then, the room’s door opened with a screech and he felt as if his soul had just returned to his body as Dean walked in, closing the door behind him.

“Dean” Sam whispered, as he simply stood there trying to see him more clearly in the middle of the darkness.

“Hey, Sammy” Deans’ voice was low and shaky “Guess who won’t be hunting tomorrow? You won’t have nightmares anymore” He sat on his bed.

“Dean… are you ok?” Sam whispered, afraid to ask, but more worried about his brother’s well being.

“I’m good, Sammy…” Dean said as Sam sat by him.

Without thinking it twice Dean wrapped his arm around him. His jaw hurt like hell and he could feel a thin string of blood running down his lip, but he felt at peace.

“As long as you are ok I’ll be ok”
Tags: 1/1, dean, drabble, john, sam, wee!chesters

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