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Infernal Debt, Part 31/?, [PG-13], Sam, OFC, Dean, Lilith

Title: Infernal Debt, Chapter #31: Unconditional
Author: Mel aka mad_about_dan
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13, violence and cursing.
Timeline: Post-No rest for the wicked
Wordcount: 2170
Disclaimer: Nope, I do not own the boys or Supernatural. It belongs to the CW, WB and Eric Kripke.
Summary: It has been a month since Dean's death and Sam has had to find the stenght inside him to keep on fighting as Dean asked him to. So he finds himself on a quest against time to find Lilith and with her a way to bring his brother back to life.



Sam held the collar of the teacher’s brown suit tightly as he hit him against the hallway’s wall.

“I said: where is she?” H repeated for third time, desperation and anger building up inside of him.
“And I said fuck you” the man laughed sarcastically, his eyes fixed on Sam’s.
“You son of a bitch” he mumbled angrily as he punched him once again.

The demons said nothing but a smile was drawn across its face as a thin string of blood ran down the corner of it’s mouth.

“What is she planning?”
“I don’t-” the demon began but stopped as Sam placed his hand just inches in front of his face, his palm facing it.

Immediately the man’s eyes turned black as he began to choke.

“Wrong answer” Sam said, slowly closing his hand.
“No!” the creature moaned in pain.
“What did you say?” Sam closed his fist a little tighter.

The demon’s eyes flickered as it shrieked and screamed in pain.

“Sec- flo” the man mumbled in a low voice.
“What did you say?”
“SECOND FLOOR!” the man yelled this time, but just as Sam opened his hand the demon smiled once again “By now she must have caught that stupid brother of yours and his heaven-sent bitch” he laughed.
“What?” Sam whispered.
!”Yeah… they must be having the time of their lives. I wish I was there to hear them scream-”
“Enough” Sam said sharply just as he closed his hand, so fast the demon couldn’t say a word, not even the slightest moan of pain or discomfort before its eyes fired up and it stopped existing.

Sam let go of the hand that held the teacher’s body suspended several centimeters above the ground and the man fell to the floor harshly. It didn’t matter how much he tired, Sam couldn’t stop imagining what would happen to Dean if Lilith got to him, by that point the anger inside of him had grown so much Sam hadn’t even changed position, he still had his left arm stretched forward, shaking because of the amount of emotions kept silently inside of him. He had to get to his brother before it was too late.
With this realization Sam began to run as fast as his feet allowed him to, making his way between the unconscious bodies of the professors he’d exorcised and that now laid on the floor. He ran down the corridor and got to the blobby in no time, but stood still for a couple of seconds contemplating the scenery right in front of him.

The lobby was in awful conditions. The front desk was smashed into pieces, and all around he floor remains were spread, cut and sliced into pieces. Sam took a couple of steps forward, he couldn’t exactly tell what those creatures were or what had happened there, but whatever it was it was violent and bloody.

“Second floor” he whispered to himself in such a low voice that it just sounded like a vague hiss, even to himself.

He walked fast, determined. But just as he stepped on the first step of the spiral staircase something grabbed his other leg and pulled it abruptly making him fall forwards and hit his head against the stair.

“What the hell?” he mumbled angrily.

A strange creature had its jaws clenched, sinking it’s lethal teeth into Sam’s leg. He guessed this was one of the several creatures that were spread across the room, which for some unknown reason had survived the fight. And just then, as his eyes met the creature’s Sam came to the realization of what he was fighting against: a hellhound. He had never seen one before since he had never been one around when he was close to death… but this time there was, and Dean’s descriptions along with the ones of several books were more than enough for him to be 100% sure. Sam’s eyes moved momentarily to the blood bath on the lobby’s floor… those ripped animals had to be hellhounds too. This could only mean one thing: Dean was alive and fighting.

Sam felt the fetid smell of the creature’s breath as both of them stood motionless, the smell was unmistakable rotten eggs, sulfur. Both stood motionless, careful of how to attack, knowing each other’s opponent would strike just as fast.

The hellhound let go to Sam’s leg slowly as a soft roar climbed up its throat, and then used its back legs as impulse to rocket himself over Sam, its sharp fangs aiming at his neck, anxious. Finally the beast fell on top of him.

“I don’t think so” Sam whispered by the ear of the death beast lying on top of him.

He pushed the corpse of the dog over to his side as he stood up. Immediately he pulled Ruby’s knife out from the animal’s torso just before standing up. It was good he’d remembered to take Ruby’s knife before walking out of that demon filled room. Sam continued on his way upstairs, his heart beating fast as his chest moved up and down. He couldn’t remember the last time he had sat down to rest, he was exhausted.

. . .

“It’s good to see you again, Amelia” a woman said “Or should I say Mia? I still think the ancient names are much better than any new one”
“What do you want, Lilith?”
“The end of the world, bloodbaths… the Winchester’s heads on a plate would also be good” she laughed.
“They are just hunters, what would you want them for? They’ve done nothing to you”
“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong” Lilith’s voice was mocking.

Dean could hear their voices, but even when he wasn’t unconscious he found it hard to open his eyes. The tight grips of the demons’ hands at both of his sides were the only thing keeping him standing. He could feel the strings of blood running from his forehead and dripping down his nose just like many other scratches and bruises around his sore body. There was no way he could take the demons around him, not now, not alone. All he could do for now was to listen.

“Your boys have everyt5hing to do with me and you know it” she made a brief pause “Let’s be honest, I know you know about the deal Sam made. It’s really a shame; he had so much potential… now I’ll have to waste him… and Dean”

There was a brief silence and Dean felt a punch hit his stomach violently, this time the hold of the demons wasn’t enough to keep him up, so he fell to the ground harshly. Mia’s screams echoed at the distance.

“Let him go, Lilith!” Mia made a pause, her voice shook “Or I swear…”
“Or you what?” Lilith’s voice was mocking and challenging. Dean could ever swear by her tone, that she was grinning. “You can’t harm me.. You’re too weak. And your heaven sent friends won’t come looking for you either. Word has it, you’ve done things against heaven’s will, am I right?”

Lilith stopped but Mia didn’t say a thing.

“That’s what I thought. You were supposed to go back to heaven, no stops, as soon as you escaped from hell and you didn’t” Lilith made a pause “Instead you ran to Sam Winchester, to help him save his beloved Dean, or should I say yours?”
“Silence” Mia said.
“Forgive me if I laugh but I just find it hysterical” Lilith laughed out loud “An angel falling in love with it’s guarded one. That’s wrong, even I know it. Your love for Dean has made you challenge your God and risk your life… and now it is going to kill you, or at least I am”

Dean could feel the blood dripping from his mouth as he tried desperately to open his eyes. His sight was blurry as his head was still against the ground. An excruciating pain filled him; those sons of bitches had hit him so many times he could no longer tell where were the worst injuries.

“Tell me, has he seen your wounds?.. The scars of all the carving and cutting we did to you? What about your wings?” Lilith’s voices sounded jubilant “I must say they were my own work of art”
“Shut the fuck up, Lilith!” Mia sounded exasperated “You have no idea of what you’re talking about”
“I believe I do”
“You’re just scared… no, more like terrified” Mia continued “You know what’s coming ahead of you, don’t you? You can feel it… you end is near”
“How dare you?”

Just then Dean’s sight became clear. He could see everything, now, from the bloodstains on the floor right in front of him, to the feet of the three demons at his side. Then, he looked at the opposite side of the room and couldn’t help to produce a low gasp. On the other end of the principal’s office two women stood right in front of each other, arms forward almost to the point they could touch each other, a pale light shone all around them. Dean turned his eyes from Mia to the twenty year old blond in front of her, he had no doubt, it had to be Lilith. Both of them were giving their all in a fierce encounter. Just then Dean studied Mia’s features carefully, she was looking exhausted, drained and the weakness of her knees made her whole body stumble.

Suddenly Dean flet something hard hit his leg and then his right arm. He moaned in pain just as he was turned over by one of his captors.

“You cockroach, never die, do you?” one of the men told him just as he punched his jaw.

Despite the pain, Dean took advantage of the fact that the demon was now close and punched it on the stomach. The man fell backwards and to the ground.

“I hope you haven’t forgot, we are not that different now” Dean said as he half smiled and his eyes turned black.
One of the other men jumped over him but Dean rolled over immediately, so now it was the demon lying on the ground while he sat on top. Dean was punching it repeatedly when a loud scream echoed around the room. He turned to his side immediately fearing his worst suspicions were coming true.

On the opposite side of the room Mia laid on the ground. The blood stain that inked her shirt was growing in a ridiculous rate. Dean’s eyes widened as he saw how Lilith knelt down by her.

“No!” he said, his voice loud as a thunder.

Immediately Lilith turned to look at him.

“Look what we have here” the young secretary grinned “Aren’t you glad, Mia? Dean is up already” she stood up slowly.

As she said this one of the demons pulled Dean’s arms from the back. Dean pushed himself along with his captor backwards, smashing the demon against a nearby wall. Just then another one came and punched him on the stomach.

“Enough!” Lilith yelled, just as he raised her hand pushing Dean against the wall “I’ll take care from now on” she whispered to the demons around them.

Dean cocked his head to the side and cleaned the blood dripping from his mouth with this shirt’s collar, not taking his eyes off Lilith for an instant.

“In what a pleasant time you join us, Mia and I were about to have some fun… or perhaps” she turned to Mia “You and I can have some fun first”
“Don’t touch him Lilith” Mia mumbled with a husky voice as she looked up. Her throat was itchy and ached, almost as if sand paper had been slid all the way down to her stomach.

“Oh, I think I will” she smiled as she turned to him again “Dean, Dean, Dean… you know I like you-”
“Cut off your bullshit, Lilith, just go to hell”
“I highly doubt it” she said as she stood right in front of him “But you and I, are going to have so much fun”
“Don’t do it, Lilith” Mia said as she got to her knees.
“You are not in the best position to give orders, angel” Lilith said not taking her eyes off Dean.

Then, she looked down at his leg and with a simple gesture of her hand a cracking sound was produced, followed closely by a scream of pure agony. Deans’ eyes filled with tears as he felt as if his whole leg had just caught on fire.

“No!” Mia yelled as he used the wall as support to get herself up.

Immediately the three demons hurried in her direction, but as soon as the first demon touched her a shock of electricity ran through him.

“Don’t” Lilith said “Leave her alone, I doubt she’ll have the strength to even get close, anyways.”
“She doesn’t have it, but I do” Sam said as he stepped on the threshold of the room.
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