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Infernal Debt, Part 30/? [PG-13] Dean, OFC

Title: Infernal Debt, Chapter #30: Beasts
Author: Mel aka mad_about_dan
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13, violence and cursing.
Timeline: Post-No rest for the wicked
Wordcount: 1987
Disclaimer: Nope, I do not own the boys or Supernatural. It belongs to the CW, WB and Eric Kripke.
Summary: It has been a month since Dean's death and Sam has had to find the stenght inside him to keep on fighting as Dean asked him to. So he finds himself on a quest against time to find Lilith and with her a way to bring his brother back to life.



“They are here” he said, almost out of breath as his heart raced inside his chest.

Those were the same creatures that had ripped him into shreds right before dragging his soul into the darkest boundaries of Earth, to be slaughtered and carved eternally, into hell. Dean could feel the horror building up inside of him, and no power, demonic or not would change the feeling those beasts produced him.

Mia turned to look at him; she had been examining the room closely without any success. She looked at him for several seconds and immediately knew, without the need of him to say, what Dean was talking about.

With the echo of several thuds, one right after the other, Mia walked closer to Dean as they both kept their eyes fixed on the door. Dean closed his hands into tight fists as he braced himself for an encounter he’d hoped would never happen. He could hear the heavy breathing several seconds before the hellhound stood in front of him.

The beast was big, even bigger than he could remember. The hair over the lump on its back was black and spiky, making it seem like sharp blades. The legs had huge muscles wrapped tightly around them, ready to throw the beast over any prey around it into a lethal strike; it was the pure image of a walking nightmare.

But despite the toughness of its body probably the part that terrified Dean the most was its head. It had a short nose, with big nostrils giving it a skull like appearance; it’s jaw fell hang open while strings of black liquid dripped from it, it’s own toxic tar, and even when it’s mouth was just half open it was impossible not to see the first of two rows of teeth, hiding behind two pairs of sharp fangs. Its eyes were completely black, but unlike the ones of the demons these looked lost and savage, so inscrutable in its darkness victims saw their whipping selves reflected on those smooth perfectly black pools just before they died.

Dean’s eyes were fixed on the creature, black on black, and for some reason he knew the hellhound was staring right back. A throbbing growl came up the beast’s throat and poisoned the air around it with a vivid scent of flesh and blood.

“Dean…” Mia whispered.

He didn’t say a thing nor break the eyes contact with the beast. Any low on his guard would guarantee a sharp set of teeth sinking on his neck and he wasn’t about to let that happen. Not again.

Dean could feel Mia’s arm wrap around him as she leaned closer, momentarily catching the hellhound’s attention.

“We’re gone” she whispered.

Immediately everything around them disappeared with a flash of light, but this time, unlike the others, the flash disappeared just as fast as it came.

“C’mon, let’s go” Mia said from his side.

Dean ran as quickly as his adjusting eyes allowed him to, guided only by the sounds and echoes, along with the hand gripped tightly around his forearm. He looked back, there was no sign of the hellhounds but he could sense they were there, he could still hear them, their growls, their steps, their fetid heavy breathing. They had won some distance but were surely far from being out of danger.

“We must get to the second floor” Dean mumbled, turning to look to the front once again “There must be a staircase near”
“On the lobby, probably” Mia said coldly, she was pensive and distant looking.
“Wouldn’t it be faster if you-”
“I can’t”

Dean looked at her, but Mia didn’t stop running, or turned to look at him. It was easy to tell she wasn’t alright.

“You are not ok, are you?”

There was a brief silence.

“I’m not in my best conditions… I’m just tired”

None of them said a thing as they kept going and Dean couldn’t help but wonder where and how Sam would be. Just then, and almost out of breath they saw the hallway open up into a big hall, and in that same moment Dean heard the pawns of the unstoppable beasts stepping on their heels. He took the knife out of his pocket as he turned around and before he knew it he was laying on the ground. The snout of the beast just centimeters away from his face, as it laid lifeless on top of him, killed by the knife that had just pierced its skull.

“Dean!” Mia yelled as she got the beast out of him.

He stood up immediately and pulled the knife out of the dog just as several other hellhounds watched them just ten meters away.

“Run” he whispered as they both start running towards the nearby lobby.

Mia turned around momentarily and panic filled her as she saw a dozen of dogs behind them. She stretched her hand towards them.

“Son of a bitch!” Dean moaned from her side as they walked into the lobby and found another dozen of hellhounds running to their encounter from the opposite hallway.
“Hold on tight” Mia said as she offering him her hand.

As soon as he took it she turned, wrapping herself around his arm. As they turned Dean saw several jaws aiming directly at them but just before anyone could touch him they disappeared once again.

Seconds later they reappeared just to find that their location hadn’t changed much. Dean’s eyes widened as he noticed they were standing on the exact same position but ten feet higher, suspended in the middle of the air of the two stores high lobby.

Underneath them, two dozens of ravaging hellhounds fought each other mercilessly, looking desperately for their lost preys.

“That should confuse them for a couple of seconds” Dean said relieved.

He looked down at Mia, but horrified as he saw the look on her face. Mia’s eyes were half shut and looked lost, her arms were shaking around him and she was paler than usual.

“Mia” he put his hands on the side of her face and made her look up at him, he was not sure of what to say now. Then he looked over at the hellhounds. “Put me down”
“No” she whispered “You’d die”
“If you don’t put me down you will” he said “face it, you are not strong enough to take us any upper or to keep us here longer. I can do this”

She looked at him for several seconds and finally nodded. As she did a white glow, this time paler than the previous ones, wrapped them and they reappeared in a corner of the lobby.

“Head for the stairs” Mia whispered.
“Hey! Pluto’s, missed me?” Dean yelled as he gripped the knife tightly.

Immediately several hellhounds ran in his direction, but now he was ready. Dean cut the first one’s neck and punched a second one making it fly across the room. The fear hadn’t disappeared, not completely, but this time he was using it, it was his impulse. This time they were even.

Dean loss count of how many hellhounds he had kicked punched and stabbed out of his way, as he’d gotten deeper into the crowd of beasts. He kept his eyes focused on the spiral staircase at the corner of the room, the clock was ticking and he knew it, it wouldn’t be long before his deadline arrived. There was no time to lose.

He stabbed another dog but pulled back immediately as he felt a set a pounding pain on his torso, two rows of teeth sinking deeply on his skin. Dean couldn’t scream or moan as the pain seemed to block out his senses. He just stood there horrified as he saw other tow hellhound’s jump in his direction. But just as they were about to bite him two howls of pain echoed momentarily as Mia’s hands grabbed them by the jaws and threw them against the ground. As she did Dean held the half of the dagger tightly and dug it on the side of the hellhound biting him. The eyes of the beast lighted up right before it fell to the ground dead.

Immediately another beast jumped over him, throwing Dean to the ground harshly before he could grab the knife. The beast was now standing on top of him, it’s hideous heavy breathing on his face, thirsty. It growled as it got closer to his neck but just as the creature opened it’s jaws Dean grabbed them with his bare hands. He could feel the sharp sets of teeth sinking into the flesh of his hands and fingers as the beast fought desperately to close it, but pain was nothing compared to the strength and the adrenaline that ran through his veins.

“Go to hell” Dean mumbled

As he wrapped his fingers around its jaws not paying attention to the strings of blood that ran down his forearms, and finally with all of his strength pull the jaws apart, breaking the creature’s skull in two.

Dean was almost out of breath as he threw the hellhound out of his way and stood up. Mia was right in front of him. Her hands were as bloody as his and the open wound on her stomach bleeding almost like the first time back in 1979.

“Go” she whispered and tossed him the knife.

There were five dogs alive, standing up from previous punches but still willing to give them a proper battle. Dean nodded as he put the knife inside his pocket and headed upstairs.

Mia stretched her hands at the four hellhounds left and waited for them to approach as she tried to gather her last strength left. She waited. Ten, eight, five, three, two meters away. And just then, the dogs froze momentarily and as a pale glow came out of her the hellhounds burned into nothing but ashes.

She stumbled a little and finally leaned against a nearby wall as she tried to catch her breath. Mia looked down at her wound, the pouring venom had now stained her shirt and pants, this was probably he weakest she’d ever been ever since she had escaped from hell but she couldn’t let Dean on his own now. She had to be strong, one way or another.

Slowly she stood straight and walked towards the stairs as fast as she could, jumping two steps at the time whenever she found it possible.

“Well, well, well, that was impressive” A man’s voice came from the hall on the second floor.

She stopped immediately. And Mia felt a sensation of emptiness grow inside her chest as she saw four demons: The first, a tall and lean man with dark brown hair, was the one talking; meanwhile the other three demons were holding Dean by the arms and torso. Blood was dripping from his mouths but he was still fighting to get loose.

“What did you to do him?”
“You know, we have learned a couple of tricks from the Winchester boys” the tall man said with a smile on his face “For example how poisonous holly water can be for a demon” the man grabbed Dean by the chin “And due to our beloved Dean’s actual condition”

Mia’s eyes widened and she began to walk towards him but the demon gestured her to stop.

“Nu-uh” he moved his forefinger from one side to the other “You see… you either cooperate or-” the demon dragged a bottle of holly water out from the inside of his jacket “Dean pays the price”
“Don’t listen to them-” Dean began, but stopped as one of the demons on his sides slapped him.
“No” she began to walk in their direction and a pale grow began to appear around her. But just then she felt something hard and sharp hit her on the back of her head. Then everything disappeared.
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