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Infernal Debt, Part 29/?, [PG-13], Dean, Sam, Ruby, OFC

Title: Infernal Debt, Chapter #29: Demon
Author: Mel aka mad_about_dan
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13, violence and cursing.
Timeline: Post-No rest for the wicked
Wordcount: 1537
Disclaimer: Nope, I do not own the boys or Supernatural. It belongs to the CW, WB and Eric Kripke.
Summary: It has been a month since Dean's death and Sam has had to find the stenght inside him to keep on fighting as Dean asked him to. So he finds himself on a quest against time to find Lilith and with her a way to bring his brother back to life.



Sam felt his chest tighten as he recovered from the shock and the exhaustation caused by his just performed act. He felt his mouth dry, but this time it was different. He didn’t get that hunting sensation, the feeling of having to carry a heavy weight other than his own. This time he felt strong, victorious.

He looked up just to find several other demons closing on around him, careful and in doubt. Sam could see the hate in their eyes, only matched by the fear keeping them away from him.

“Hey!” A loud yell made every head in the room turn, even Sam’s.

He could only hear the screams and thuds coming from the door and decided to take advantage of the distraction. So he punched the demon standing right in f5ront of him making it fall to the ground. Then, grabbed a second one by the collar and threw it on the ground right before kicking it’s stomach, but just then a third demon jumped on Sam’s back and made him fall forward against the ground.

“What happened ‘special boy’?” The man mocked as he sat on Sam’s back “Where are your powers now?”

Sam tired to turn around but just as he did he felt the kick of another demon against his stomach, taking the air off his lungs and making him shriek in desperation. The screams and laughter of the vicious creatures echoed around him, hurting his eardrums and suffocating him. He felt a thick air surround him, the pest of the demons that were slowly closing on him, taking advantage of his situation. How to escape? Was the only thought on Sam’s mind. Punches and kicks began to come from all directions, he just closed his eyes and cursed under his breath. Sam could feel the bruises forming in several parts of his body, the scratches cutting his skin and the drops of blood falling from his arm, but almost like a trigger it brought back the feeling he’d had before: the pounding sensation right on the back of his head, his blood pumping fast with a broken and uneven rhythm. The feeling of his own demon blood, slowly taking over.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, the pounding was still there, it was part of him now and it only made him more eager, almost thirsty to end each of those bastards around him. He felt a punch against his back but this time it didn’t matter, the pain was now something secondary to him.

“Oh Lilith’s gonna be so thrilled to see you” The man sitting on his back continued “But why the long face? You’re not feeling so powerful now, are you?”
“You have no idea” Sam mumbled.

Just then, he rolled over to his side abruptly, making the demon fall to his side. Immediately he stood on his feet and stretched his hand just in time to stop one of the demons coming his way and sent it flying to the opposite side of the room knocking over several others as he did.

“Sam” Ruby yelled as she fought with two other demons “Stop playing around, just finish them!”

Sam looked at her momentarily and then back at his attackers. He kept punching and kicking, throwing demons out of his way, but it didn’t matter how nay he hurt they just kept coming like cockroaches, standing up from the ground as if nothing had happened, not to mention the increasing number of demons coming through the door. Meanwhile part of him, that insatiable thirst, just grew more and more impatient, making it almost unbearable for him.

Once again the demons were coming his way, angry and unstoppable. Sam was just sick of this. So one more time, he just let his instincts guide his acts. He raised both of his hands towards the half dozen of demons and narrowed his eyes. As he did the demons froze on their places.

“Aznaratum malque her me iemero e disur a te ucatirad di ropitra…”

The demons in front of Sam began to shriek and fall right in front of him along with the ones in the rest of the room, looking absent and mute but reflecting all shades of physical and mental pain, an agony greater than he’d ever witnessed.

Sam could hear the words repeating over and over on his mind, along with the rest of the incantation, strong echoes telling him how to proceed. But he had come to a stop as he saw Ruby; she was lying on the ground by his feet.

“Ruby?” he whispered just as be knelt down by her.

She was on the ground motionless, her face pale and frozen on an expression of pure horror. The only part of her body that showed any sign of life were her eyes, fixed on his.

“Ruby” Sam repeated, this time desperation was building up inside his chest, it was him doing this to her and now he didn’t know how to take it back. “What… what do I do? How do I take you out of this?”

Slowly she moved her eyes from side to side and as much as Sam wanted to deny he knew she was telling him to keep going, she was willing to sacrifice herself, but for what? What would be the good in this? Just then, Ruby looked at him and then at his side, Sam followed her eyes and looked around the room. Several dozens of demons filled the room and hallway, momentarily frozen in their highest moment of despair. They were too many for them to take and Ruby knew it. Sam took a deep breath as he looked at her one last time.

“I’m sorry” he whispered just as he stood back up.

He knew what this was going to do, he was about to send every demon in the room back to the deepest foundations of hell, where they’d be left in silence and agony in the middle of the impenetrable darkness. Sam raised his right hand and closed his eyes.

“doseperie trac fum mendo e cro en to ope mesorea”

As soon as he said this a unified scream echoed around the room, forcing Sam to cover his eras as the lights flickered and black smoked seemed to come from all directions and began to swirl like a tornado in the middle of the room, dragging chairs and papers along with it.

“Bracden” he mumbled.
The tower of smoke moved downwards and trespassed the floor, leaving no trace that it had ever existed, but Sam knew where it was heading and the bodies of the victims still laid on the ground all around the room.

Sam stood motionless for several seconds, both recovering and analyzing what had just happened. He was scared of whatever had made him do this, scared of the voices inside his head, or the guiding hand leading him. But mostly, Sam Winchester was scared of himself. And now, he was alone.
. . .

Mia walked as fast as the bleeding cut in her stomach allowed her to, making a huge effort not to move her torso while she kept a straight face. But even when she carefully planed her façade Mia could feel Dean’s eyes glued to her permanently. They hadn’t said a word ever since they escaped from the demons but words were overrated, they didn’t need them. Mia knew, and had no doubt about it, that Dean was aware of her injury and just waiting for a bad step, a fixed stare into each other’s eyes or the wrong word to confirm it.

“They can’t be so far… Lilith’s running out of places to hide” she said trying to keep him distracted.
“There’s just nothing in this floor…” Dean said with a sigh “we’ve almost searched this whole side and I can’t sense Lilith, she has to be in the second store” He made a brief pause and as he looked back at Mia notice she was staring at him from the corner of her eye “Are you sure you’re-”
“I’m fine” she cut him off “Do you smell that?”
Dean stopped momentarily and looked around “Sulfur”

He looked around the hallway as far as his eyes allowed him to, scrutinizing every single corner looking for any trace of a demonic presence. Dean opened the door right next to him still searching for the source of the smell.

“Nothing” he mumbled just as he found nothing but mops and brooms inside the small janitor’s closet.

By the time he turned around Mia was just walking into a classroom nearby. Dean began to walk in that same direction but stopped out of the sudden as a deathly chill ran down his spine. The silence of the lonely school had been broken by the whine a and heavy breathing of a savage animal. Dean swallowed just as he realized what was coming upon them.

With the adrenaline pumping faster through his veins, quickly increasing the speed of his heartbeats he ran towards the room Mia was in just as a throbbing howl made the glass of the windows shake. He rushed through the threshold and towards her.

“They are here”
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