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Infernal Debt, Part 28/?, PG-13, Dean, OFC, Sam, Ruby

Title: Infernal Debt, Chapter #28: Hidden Shadows
Author: Mel aka mad_about_dan
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13, violence and cursing.
Timeline: Post-No rest for the wicked
Wordcount: 2186
Disclaimer: Nope, I do not own the boys or Supernatural. It belongs to the CW, WB and Eric Kripke.
Summary: It has been a month since Dean's death and Sam has had to find the stenght inside him to keep on fighting as Dean asked him to. So he finds himself on a quest against time to find Lilith and with her a way to bring his brother back to life.


Hidden Shadows

3:52 pm
7th day

It took them several seconds to stand up once again, but by the time they did Dean was just as strong as he’d been before and even more lightheaded. This past encounter with the demons had given him such a boost of confidence he would have sworn he was even gaining strength with every breath that filled his lungs.

He and Mia walked out of the room and into the hallway right after sealing the room’s entrance.

“There are others around” Dean whispered, he could feel them, those hidden shadows in the corners, lurking in the darkness, just waiting.
“Yes” Mia whispered as she examined the hall that ran long at both of their sides, a row of endless doors.
“It’s good we are more even now” Dean whispered just as he blinked, turning his eyes completely black.
“I am in control” he cut her off before she could say another word “I know what happened the last time… and I won’t let it happen again”

Dean could suddenly feel his heart beating faster, the momentarily increased speed of the blood pumping through his veins; his lungs expand until they stroke his ribs. His senses were now on edge, so sharp that a single drop falling on the gray tiles of Payson’s Elementary floors would have sounded just like a gun to him.

For a couple of seconds Dean seemed absent, lost deep inside the fascination of the range of sensations and details now visible for him thanks to his recently controlled abilities, but snapped out of it as he met Mia’s worried stare.

“I’m fine” he reassured her.

She nodded slightly and looked away. The hallway was in complete darkness; some of the lights were now hanging from the ceiling while the others had been ripped off completely and were spread around the floor.

“We better go to the left” she whispered “There’s nothing but a dead end to the right”
“Yeah, I really doubt Lilith’s anywhere near us right now; it just… doesn’t feel like it”
“Dean” Mia said not looking at him.
“Just… powers or not” she shook her head “Just take care of yourself”

He raised his eyebrows briefly.

“Just promise you will”
Dean looked at her, even when her eyes avoided his “I promise”
“Ok, let’s go” she whispered and before he could say anything else walked down the hallway.

Dean simply stood still for several seconds trying to understand. This was as if he was talking to two different people one after the other, one was strong and bright, holding the might and power of heaven while the other was as weak and breakable as a human being. Mia definitely had more on her mind that it seemed. Finally he began to walk, but it just took him a couple of strides before he got to her.

Mia had stopped on her heels, her sight lost as she didn’t even seem to be breathing.

“Listen” she cut him off.

Dean stood still, doing his best to hear whatever had gotten Mia’s attention and it didn’t took long for him to notice. His eyes widened just as he looked down at her.

“They are coming… dozens of them” he whispered.

Dean turned back to the direction they had just came from. He could hear thuds and moans, followed by the increasing echoes of feet hitting the ground with every step the horrid creatures took, coming closer and closer.

“We must use a devil’s trap” Dean whispered “They won’t be able to cross it”
“You are right” she nodded “but I need you to make it”
“What?” he said just as he saw how she took several steps forward “What are you doing? Are you insane?”
“We don’t have enough time, so I’ll us some”

Dean looked at her horrified with his mouth hanging open.

”Don’t worry, they won’t put a finger on you” she turned to look at him momentarily and then back at the hallway.
“It’s not me who I’m worried for” he whispered but she ignored his comment.

He shook his head in desperation, but there just wasn’t much he could do. The demons coming towards them were by far more than he could handle, more than both of them could. So he fell to his knees and grabbed the remaining piece of the chalk he had used before and kept inside his pocket and immediately began to draw on the floor, from top to bottom, being careful not to trap himself in.

Dean had drawn more than half of the trap when the steps stopped out of the sudden. He quickly looked up just to be horrified as he saw no less than thirty people staring at them, black eyes wrathful and bodies burned underneath the cheap suits and torn shirts. Dean’s eyes widened as he realized what was keeping them away. The demons hadn’t stopped, in fact they were struggling and fighting fiercely to get through the wall of light that made it impossible for them to get to him. Then he turned to Mia, who had both of her palms facing them and eyes wide shut.

Quickly Dean looked down and continued to draw the devil’s trap as he screams and curses of the demons filled the hallway. He threw a quick glance up once again just to see Mia stumble a little and take a step back so she now had one foot inside the almost complete trap. He continued to draw as fast as he could and finished the trap in no time.

“It’s ready” he said just as he stood up “Mia, it’s ready, let go!”

She took another step back slightly so she was completely inside the circle, but with every step she took the demons got closer too. This definitely was tougher than they expected. Meanwhile, Dean quickly searched his pockets and took out a small bottle of holly water, opened it and sprayed the content forward. The first row of demons screamed in pain and backed off just as Mia put her hands down and left the circle.

“Are you ok?” Dean said grabbing her by the shoulders.
“Yes” she mumbled looking at the demons at their right as her chest moved up and down along with her breathing “Let’s go” she whispered pulling him by the arm just as the eager creatures screamed once they found themselves trapped.


Sam and Ruby ran towards the building as they heard the sirens of the fire trucks and police units coming down the main street.

“I knew this wasn’t a good idea” Ruby complained as she and Sam hid behind a set of bushes so a policeman who searched the area didn’t see them “Humans always stick their noses where they are not wanted”
“We are almost there” Sam pointed at a row of windows about ten meters away from them “We must make a run for it”
“Ladies first” Ruby mumbled she stood up and began to run towards the building with Sam on her side.

He got to the window first and opened it.

“Hey, you two!” the mustached officer ran in their direction “Freeze”

Ruby ran to where Sam was but as she tried to jump through the window found her feet where glued to the ground. She looked down desperate just to find a devil’s trap right underneath her.

“Damn it!” Ruby moaned “Guess now we know why demons didn’t escape along with the kids”

Sam knelt down as he erased part of the trap drawn on the concrete.

“Hello, officer, is anything wrong?” Ruby smirked.
“I’m afraid there is” the man said almost out of breath by the time he got to where they were standing “You two are coming with me”

Ruby simply looked down at Sam and then back at the man.

“Yeah, Larry, we have two intruders in the perimeter” he began “I’m taking them out”
“You know that’s just a shame” Ruby said, trying to fake a concerned tone “Cause I’m afraid that won’t happen” she punched the officer on the side of his head with all of her strength.

The man fell to the ground unconscious and rolled to his side.

“Ruby!” Sam mumbled.
“He’s ok” she shrugged “This will get him out of our way for a couple of hours”

Right after saying this she jumped inside through the open window.

“You coming?” she said turning to look at Sam who was still on his knees outside.
“Yeah” he said as he draw with his pocket knife a line right where he had erased it so Ruby could get out “We don’t want demons getting out of here”

He stood up straight and got in easily, but by the time he did Ruby was no longer around.

“Ruby?” he mumbled, but there was no answer.

Sam took a couple of steps back between the small desks and scattered chairs around the classroom. The silence that surrounded them was total, even to the point of discomfort, something was definitely not right.

“You are late to class Sam” a female voice said from behind him.

He turned around immediately and found a young woman, her wet her stick to her skull and her skin had bruises and scratches, some so severe that part of the skin had even been ripped off.

“I should send you to detention. What happens? Don’t like my appearance?” she smirked and her black eyes shone with hate “You came up with a smart idea getting all of us trapped in here, that I must admit. But actually coming in…” she laughed “that’s just desperate”

Sam heard a loud thud behind him and turned around just to find a man staring at him closely.

“The Chosen Boy” the man cocked his head to the side and examined him closely, he was just as bruised as the other woman.
“You see, Sam” she continued “The holly water had its effect on us… its a pain you can hardly describe, guess you could ask your brother what it feels like, having each bone of your body torn and every inch of your skin burned at the same time” she shook her head.
“Just shut up” Sam moaned as he stared at her coldly.

He closed his hands into tight fists trying to hold himself back as much as he could, after all he would find dozens of demons inside what difference did it make to take some time right now, it was better to let her talk, maybe that’d give him some info about what was going on.

“Oh, come on” the man said, so eager to attack he jumped slightly in his spot as his muscles contracted. There was, without a doubt, something wilder in his appearance than the in the other’s.
“Ease up, Frank, we can have a little fun first” the woman, who was clearly the one on command there said.

Sam looked around the room and saw how several other demons had joined them.

“As I was saying, we were already expecting you, but the holy water only caused pain and internal fights” she opened her arms gesturing him to look at the damage in her body “added to the fact that we can’t leave just makes everyone even happier to see you”

Sam nodded slightly.

“So what are your plans, then?” he whispered.
“Oh no, and ruin the surprise?” she smiled “I don’t think so. All I can say is Lilith will be thrilled to see you”
“I highly doubt that” Sam said just as he stretched both of his hands one towards the woman and the other towards the man behind him and closed his eyes.
“What do you think you are doing?” The woman said as her whole body began to shake violently.

Sam didn’t answer but simply kept concentrated, focusing as much as he could in his one purpose: getting those sons of bitches out. Just like before he could feel them, shapeless and ominous beings trying to slink from his grip, but it was too late now, they were his.

He finally opened his eyes and found both of them on their knees; their mouths open as the black smoke slowly came out. The thick black clouds swirled in the air and made circles around Sam, it was happening again. He felt the demons about to crawl inside of him, to poison him and break him once again, but he wasn’t going to let that happen. With a great effort Sam moved both of his arms forward and closed his hands into tight fists, as he did the smoke also contracted until it was nothing but two separate black spheres floating before his eyes.

Sam stood there almost out of breath, once again guided by the invisible force of his instinct and finally clapped his hands together. The black spheres did the same and were quickly surrounded by flames right in front of him. The rest of the demons that witnessed the event screamed in fear and pain as the black smoke turned into nothing but dust.
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