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Infernal Debt, Part 27/?, PG-13, Sam, Ruby, Dean, OFC

Title: Infernal Debt, Chapter #27: Burn
Author: Mel aka mad_about_dan
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13, violence and cursing.
Timeline: Post-No rest for the wicked
Wordcount: 2156
Disclaimer: Nope, I do not own the boys or Supernatural. It belongs to the CW, WB and Eric Kripke.
Summary: It has been a month since Dean's death and Sam has had to find the stenght inside him to keep on fighting as Dean asked him to. So he finds himself on a quest against time to find Lilith and with her a way to bring his brother back to life.



2:15 pm
7th Day

Creature d’aque innominente magfest omnipotentes…” Sam whispered under his breath.

His hand was stretched and had a rosary held tight between his fingers. In front of him the small lid on top of Payson’s Elementary’s water tank was open, letting Sam see the dozens of gallons of water inside it.

“Hurry, Sam, it won’t be long before that knuckle head guard comes back” Ruby yelled as she stood by the long rusted stair.

Sam kept his eyes shut, not paying much attention to her as he was to the words he was about to pronounce.

…etin virtute espiritu sante” he said those last words more loudly and then opened his hand, letting the rosary slip from his fingers and sink to the bottom of the tank “Done”

Carefully he went down the long stair. One step after the other, while his hands were closed firmly around the husky metal.

“Hello” Ruby said from his side as soon as his feet touched the ground. She was holding a black cell phone on her hand “it’s done” she said coldly right before hanging up “I hate these things” she said as she put her phone inside the pocket of her jacket and threw a quick glance at Sam “What?”

“Nothing” Sam said trying to contain a smile “Ok, I guess we’ll just have to wait now. Hopefully everything we’ll go according to the plan”

“Oh no, I’m afraid you there will be a couple of changes in the plan” A male voice came from behind them.

Sam turned around quickly just to be slammed by a body moving at full speed and found himself crushed against the ground. Just as his head felt the impact a punch hit his jaw making his head turn abruptly to the side. At first he felt dizzy, even a little lost, as if all these things were just scenes of a movie and he was nothing but an inert watcher.

“Ruby” He heard another man said, but kept his eyes shut “It’s good to see you, again”

“It’s too bad I can’t say the same about you” Ruby said sharply as she took a step back from the other two men walking in her direction.

“That’s a shame” the third man said “Cause we’ve been looking for you” he grinned just as he ran his fingers through his greasy black hair.

“Yeah, Lilith will be really glad to see you” the first man whispered.

“I doubt it” Ruby whispered just a she half smiled and slid her hand under her jacket looking for her knife.

When Sam realized what was actually going on he opened his eyes just to get a punch on his stomach with such strength he felt how the air left his lungs momentarily. Just then he saw the face of his attacker, a man with tanned skin and completely black eyes staring at him. As soon as he could Sam rolled over and threw himself over the man and began to struggle with him. Not far from he it was easy to hear the sounds of Ruby fighting the other two. While one of his numerous turns on top of the demon and right before he could be thrown to the ground again Sam punched the demon on the jaw with all of his strength moving its head to the left and then made it turn it back to place as he hit the demon’s cheekbone with his elbow.

“Where exactly is Lilith?” he mumbled with his eyes fixed on the demon.

“Even if I knew… I wouldn’t tell you” a smile was drawn under the big black mustache on the man’s face.

Sam lost no time and hit the man on the stomach with his knee. The demon opened his eyes just as he screamed in pain, but almost immediately the scream tuned into a laugh.

“Is this all you’ve got?” he mumbled between coughs.

He could feel the wrath fill every inch of his body, running through his veins like poisonous adrenaline, infecting him of hate and need to just tore that cynic being into the tiniest shreds possible.

“You have seen nothing, yet” Sam half smiled.

Immediately he stood up with a speed and agility unknown even to himself and grabbed the bastard by the neck pulling him up slowly with his left hand just as his thumb and forefinger sank on the skin of it’s throat.

“What does Lilith want? Why is she destroying the cities?” Sam mumbled with a smirk while his eyes were focused on the ones of his victim.

“Fuck you!” the demon whispered as loudly as Sam’s hand allowed him to.

Sam nodded slightly “Fine” he mumbled and immediately stretched his right hand with his palm towards the demon. Deep down Sam knew he wasn’t supposed to be doing this, but this was as if he couldn’t control his body, as if part of him had been replaced by something else… instinct was what guided him now and he was going to follow them.

As he did this the demon shrieked in pain and closed its eyes in concentration as his essence was being pulled away. The demon tried to keep his mouth shut and remain in the body, but this strength was greater, so he finally opened it. But then, just as the black smoke filled its mouth his black eyes shone yellow and the man’s thorax shone bright as if an electric current had hit him and Sam saw part of the knife that had now trespassed the man’s throat.

Immediately he felt the rush of frenzy that had filled him fade until it was completely gone. Sam looked wide eyed at the man now dead and let go of his neck. Ruby had just taken the knife from the man’s throat and was now staring at him. He could easily tell what she was thinking because he was probably thinking just the same: what had just happened to him?.

“I…” he looked up at her.

“Sam, you don’t have to explain yourself” Ruby said with a low voice.

“You don’t get it” Sam shook his head, afraid to pronounce the words he was about to say “For some reason… I knew I could do it. I could kill it”

“I know you could” Ruby whispered.

Sam’s mouth fell open in surprise; he would have expected anything coming from Ruby, but not those words.

Then at the distance they could hear the fire alarm being triggered at the school’s building. Both of them stood silent for a couple of seconds and Sam turned to look at the corpses of the other two demons who had attacked them, lying on the ground, hollow and inert.

“We better close the flush” Ruby whispered and Sam nodded.


The screams of the demons echoed all around Payson’s Elementary halls and corridors, almost as loud as the fire alarm ringing so loudly it threatened to break the eardrums of every person in a mile radius. Mia made her way through the empty chairs and desks of the laboratory room towards the window, she was completely wet and water was now dripping from her hair. Meanwhile a small torch still burned on the corner of the room.

“How’s everything out there?” she said to Dean, who was standing right outside the window, protected from the holy water spraying all around the building.

“The kids are getting out” Dean said looking over his shoulder at the street, now crowded with students “Just two teachers, I guess they weren’t possessed or something” he shrugged right before turning towards her “Seems you are having fun in there”

“I wouldn’t exactly say it that way” she looked at him.

Dean was now standing in front of the only unprotected window in the place, thought specially for him to get in as soon as the sprayers went off.

“Have you heard anything from Sam and Ruby?” he mumbled, eager to just jump in and find the demon that had been turning his and his brother’s lives into a living hell for the couple of months, kill her and get rid of the curse that could end up their lives and turn them into what they hated the most.

“Nothing” she looked through the windows as she shook her head.

Suddenly and with a loud burst the laboratory’s room opened just as a man and a woman, both with completely black eyes stepped inside the room, they were completely covered in water and white smoke came from their skin just as they stared at the open window in front of Mia.

“Son of a bitch!” Dean mumbled just as he understood what they were planning.

Mia instantly stood between them and the window as the two demons shook in pain and anger.

“Seal the window” she could hear Dean’s voice call from behind her “I’ll take care of them”

“No” she whispered but just as he turned he found Dean standing right in front of her, completely covered in water as his eyes flickered between they normal bright green color and black

“I’m used to holly water” He whispered, making an effort to repress the pain of having a thousand flames burning his entire body “It’s far easier than actually drinking it”

“Dean-” she began, but just then felt the steps of the demons rushing their way fast, getting desks, microscopes and test tubes out of their way.

Immediately she turned around and with a simple gesture of her hand tossed the woman against the wall. Meanwhile Dean had punched the man and thrown him over one of the tables, smashing several test tubes as he did.

“Seal it!” he yelled as he jumped on top of the table with a graceful movement and kicked the demon’s stomach. Dean felt his temperature increase quickly, the presence of an animal, of the demon that laid inside of him and that he knew so well.

Meanwhile Mia was on her knees right before the window throwing quick glances at Dean as her lips moved quickly, whispering prayers and incantations from long forgotten days.

Both of the demons were now lying on the ground, the holly water had clearly being too much for them to take so they now shrieked in their spots, too weak to even stand on their feet.

“Ready” Mia whispered quickly just as he stood on her feet and turned around “Dean?” her voice broke in horror “Dean!”

Dean was now shrieking in pain, silently holding the screams inside of him as he felt how the holy water entered his pores and how burned his insides. He was now leaned against one of the walls, his hands closed into tight fights with which he punched the wall harshly trying to cause some of the same pain he was going through. Slowly she slid down with his back still against the wall as his knees became too weak to hold his weight anymore.

“Hold on” she whispered as she knelt down right next to him and took of her jacket.

“Guess I’m not the only one affected by the holy water” he managed to say with a shaky voice as he turned to look at the woman laying on the ground not far from them.

“It’ll be ok, just be patient” she said covering him with her jacket from the drops of holly water still falling on top of him.

“What at you talking about? I’m perfect” he lied.

She simply stared at him lovingly. Then, almost immediately the sprayers turned off. Mia looked around quickly and smile.

“They closed it” she whispered and a smile lighted up her face “Dean, they closed it”

“Wohoo” he said sarcastically just as he let his body sag against a smashed sideboard at his left just as he tried to steady his breathing.

He suddenly felt a cold hand being pressed against his forehead so he opened his eyes just to find Mia standing now closer than ever, her palm against his forehead carefully.

“What do you think you are doing?” he said between coughs, not moving an inch, not because he didn’t want to but because he was too weak to even try.

“Shh” she whispered.

He would have never guessed what she was doing if he hadn’t looked down just in time to see the water come out from the pores of his hands and turning into vapor as soon as it did, and by his wet t-shirt it was easy to tell this was just happening in his hands, he was sweating the holy water. Dean’s eyes widened just as he felt the weight slowly leave his body and fade into the surrounding air.

“You are awesome did I ever tell you that” he moaned as he slowly regained strength.

“No. But you should have” she half smiled but kept her eyes shut.

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